How long will a cracked egg last in the refrigerator

Used yokes of eggs and held whites for 2 days to use in scrambled eggs

  • Posted by: Marilyn
  • July 24, 2014


Dina July 25, 2014
Whites should be totally fine. I've read macaron recipes where the egg whites are "aged" for up to two weeks before using, so as long as they look and smell fine you should be good.
boulangere July 24, 2014
Whole (cracked) eggs and egg whites will last longer then yolks alone because both contain more water than the yolks. Covered with plastic, you're fine for 4 to 5 days.
boulangere July 24, 2014
than, not then!
Susan W. July 24, 2014
In my experience, you are fine. I saved a couple of whites for 3-4 days, mixed in some whole eggs and made a frittata. We are all here to tell the story. :0)
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