How do I blend cooked potatoes n scrambled eggs whites w/o eggs foaming

am on blended foods (baby food constancy) diet. As soon as blender starts cooked egg whites foam up like for meringue. Not pleasant to eat.

  • Posted by: Naomi
  • September 24, 2022


Naomi September 25, 2022
Actually I failed to add that a "full liquid diet", everything blended to the consistency of baby food also can not contain pulp or particles. Thank all of your for trying to help me. I failed to ask for the important recipe and have to wait 2 weeks to get in touch with the dietician. It will be several months of the full liquid diet for me before slowly graduating back to regular food. Oh, no fat or grease thus no butter or egg yolks. The term "trial and error" was mentioned several times. Pancreatitis is extremely painful and tries to destroy ones digestive system. I will succeed! And again:
Thank You!
aargersi September 25, 2022
Hmmm … I have made lemon curd in my Vitamix that is smooth and creamy - do you need to limit yourself to the whites? I think keeping the yolks in might help with your problem … It seems like a lemony buttery mixture (not sweet) with potatoes blended in would be … good?
Naomi September 25, 2022
Thank you for taking the time to answer me but a "Clear liquid diet" cannot have any pulp or particles in it. Everything must be completely liquid and stirring the eggs in would leave both pulp and particles. That's why I'm confused as to why they recommended this particular "dish".
Nancy September 25, 2022
Thanks for the education. Hope you can make the potato dish both edible and healing, Nancy
702551 September 25, 2022
As for why they recommended this particular dish, ask them. The people in the F52 community are mostly home cooks, not registered dietitians or nutritionists.

Also ask them for suggestions on how to prepare it since it's such an unusual restriction. I suppose you can sieve it. It's very odd that they issue a directive without giving any helpful guidance.

We don't know how long you are expected to continue with this restricted diet. If it's for a short time, perhaps you should just consider this dish "medicine" or sustenance rather than a meal. No matter what, the intended result doesn't sound like anything I'd look forward to regardless of how it was prepared.

Good luck and I hope you find your answers.
702551 September 24, 2022
Try mixing it by hand.

Best of luck.
Nancy September 24, 2022
If there are several ingredients, blend all except the egg whites in the machine, pour into a bowl and mix whites in with a fork.
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