Help! I just roasted two chickens, with the liver in the cavity. I didn't see it, and it wasn't in a bag. Is the chicken edible? What can I do?

I am a fool.

  • Posted by: Rachel
  • August 19, 2014


HalfPint August 19, 2014
Check the neck area. Sometimes, the liver & gizzards are placed there instead of a bag in the cavity.

As long as they is cooked to a safe temperature, the chickens should be perfectly fine to eat.

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Allyson M. August 19, 2014
The liver is one of the healthiest parts of an animal! Throw it in the food processor with some caramelized onions, garlic, thyme, and butter or olive oil and enjoy your pate!
Susan W. August 19, 2014
There isn't anything safety wise that will hurt your chicken. Just pull it out and feed it to the cat or toss it. We've all done this at one time or another.
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