Did I completely just screw up my crockpot chicken dinner?

I've made "creamy crockpot chicken" before, it called for two chicken soups, two chicken breasts, and then filling it up with water until the chicken is covered. It worked perfectly the first time. Well, I kinda got creative following the recipe, but I bought two cans of cheddar cheese soup, put two chicken breasts in it, and filled it up the rest of the way with water, just like before. I didn't buy a "cream of" anything soup to go with it. The cheddar cheese soup was very thick which made me add more water than last time. Did I completely mess up my dinner by trying to get creative? I feel like it's going to turn into water, lumpy gunk.

  • Posted by: Calley
  • March 15, 2012


pierino March 15, 2012
Just as a principle, chicken breasts belong nowhere near a crockpot. You are just taking your chances for what is unlikely to be a good meal. Adding water only makes it worse.
ubs2007 March 15, 2012
Not sure, but I think you can salvage it. Is the chicken fully cooked yet? If no, let it cook, but stir the water enough so that it is absorbed by all of the ingredients. If it is cooked, then take the chicken out and try to finish the sauce stove top. Hope this helps a tiny bit.
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