Need a mode of transport for taking my lunch to work that doesn't make me look like a child...

On the search for a lunch bag, pail, box.... anything that can fit in my work tote. Would love something not too childish or sporty and keeping things cool is important too. Any ideas?

Jess Baker


Summer O. August 23, 2014
What about a stainless bento box?
TobiT August 22, 2014
I use a beautiful marimekko one that people always tell me is "beautiful" - I agree, and having a beautiful (ie not cheesy or juvenile) lunch bag goes a long way toward inspiring me to bring my lunch most days!
I got my marimekko bag at a little boutique on cape cod a few years ago - but you can probably find one online with a google search.
Sam1148 August 22, 2014
Laptop lunches look pretty good. They look like a laptop carrying bag.
But you could also DIY by getting a soft-sided insulated cooler and tupperware or glass containers.
Elisabeth August 22, 2014
Vera Bradley makes really cute and stylish lunchboxes. I have two and rotate on a weekly basis.
Hillary P. August 22, 2014
We have a whole collection of products that look adult and are cute:
Susan W. August 22, 2014
Lunch bots are my favorite. Cute but also cool.
Lindsay-Jean H. August 22, 2014
We have a few options in our shop that might work for you, this bag ( with this ice pack ( for starters!
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