Urgent, need a recipe for warm cucumber chutney/salad to go with butter chicken

I'm making tiffin for lunch, butter chicken, rice, and ...? I have cucumbers and a few pantry basics, what can I make that goes well with my curry and doesn't mind being a bit warm (the rest of the tiffin is hot, so the cucumber something is going to heat up). I'm imagining something with cucumbers and onions and spices... but open to anything. Don't have yoghurt in the house, otherwise I would do a ritta like dish.

Less than 2 hours till the lunch needs to be ready. Please throw ideas at me.

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1 Comment

trampledbygeese April 19, 2014
Never mind, too late.

What I ended up doing was heating up some olive oil, dry chili and mustard seed on medium, then added apple cider vin and some honey, upped the temp. When it was just below a simmer, I added some very thinly sliced onion, heated to just below a boil (all of about a min), then poured over thinly sliced, well salted, cucumber and sour apple chunks.

It's quite tasty. Because I heated the onion, it doesn't have such a raw taste to it, it's more like a proper English pickled onion, still crunchy, but no longer raw. Next time I might boil down the vin a bit more as the taste could be stronger.

All in all, a nice contrast to the richness of the butter chicken and rice.
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