cooked down berries

I defrosted some frozen mixed berries, heated them through, and reduced the liquid. I needed a quick impromptu dessert and was initially thinking of baking some puff pastry, spreading it with ricotta, and topping it with the berries. But a friend ended up bringing dessert, and now i'm wondering, what other ideas are out there.

  • Posted by: ATG117
  • August 25, 2014


Liza's K. August 25, 2014
I made a wonderful tart this weekend using the crust from this recipe I posted:, putting it in a tart pan (like a regular tart pastry) and then filling it with candied cherries, then adding some of the crumbled crust on top. You could candy the frozen berries a little and do the same thing. Turned out AMAZING!
Liza's K. August 25, 2014
Here is a (not so professional) photo of a mini one I did.
aargersi August 25, 2014
Smoothie! Or mix with syrup (or not) for pancake or waffle topping. You could also blend them into BBQ sauce for a twist. Or blend them into a margarita and call it a day!
Meaghan F. August 25, 2014
Ice cream or yogurt mix-in? Sangria? Cocktails? The most recent Food52 contest was for berry recipes, maybe you could browse through the submissions for inspiration.
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