What is the best email address for sending product suggestions to Provisions?

I have a great idea, based on something we have in our family that is unique and wonderfully "heirloomable," if it could be sourced (and that really should be possible). I know there is a link through from the Provisions FAQ page for producers, but the fields are not relevant; plus, I'd like to attach a photo to an email. Thank you, Food52. ;o)

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1 Comment

Lauren K. September 3, 2014
Hi AntoniaJames! It's great to hear from you -- and we can't wait to see your idea. You can send it along to [email protected], and we'll share it with the Provisions team!

We actually just launched another item that was an idea of yours that you'd emailed over recently -- DIY Tonic Water! https://food52.com/provisions/products/1477-diy-tonic-water-kit. We're so excited about that one.

Best regards,
Lauren at Provisions
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