Mini grassroots Holiday Swap - Any interested participants?

Hi all! Taking a cue from another Food52er, I'd be happy to help facilitate a mini Holiday Swap this year, since the official Food52 one isn't happening. Please note that this is very much a grassroots effort, and not an official Food52 Swap--this year's Holiday Swap is taking the form of Food52's lovely Community Cookbook recipe submission (linked below). It sounds like the official Holiday Swap will come back next year, so until then...if anyone out there is seeing this and would like to participate in a small-scale grassroots swap this year, feel free to email me at:

[email protected]

I'll take emails until this Saturday, November 26, or until too many people get in touch (though I don't anticipate that happening!). Then I'll send out swapee info on Sunday, November 27. If you want to join, send me your address, allergies, and a little information about yourself that you'd like to share with your swapee. Please note that the best way to get on the swap list is via email--I may not be able to check this thread and don't want to lose anyone.

Thanks! I hope we can make this happen on a teeny scale!

Join Food52's official holiday celebration--the Community Cookbook--here:

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1 Comment

Miss_Karen November 21, 2022
Ok. I'm interested. Please explain what 'grassroots' means.🙂
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