What is the best/strongest horseradish I can buy......on the East Coast????



Brenn U. September 4, 2014
I like "Feature" Brand Extra Hot (red label) Horseradish (http://featurefoods.com) found in the refrigerated section in your grocery store. I believe it's available Canada wide. It's incredibly hot!
Brenn U. September 4, 2014
I'm unsure if it's available in the U.S.
Liza's K. September 4, 2014
Where are you located? If you are in NYC, I'd head down to Russ & Daughters (they do mail order also). They have quite a few different kinds of horseradish that are freshly made.
Chuck September 3, 2014
Depends on your local grocer... Buy it fresh and grate as needed. The heat in horseradish will dissipate quickly over time. Unfortunately, I'm not lucky enough to have fresh horseradish sold near me, so I have to rely on the prepared jarred stuff.
Susan W. September 3, 2014
Check Silver Spring website. They have several super hot (they call it eye watering hot) horseradish options. My favorite is the fresh ground. There is a product locator on the site. My friend in Florida has sent it to me.
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