What is the best way to store cheese? How long can you keep it? Can you freeze cheese?

  • Posted by: Slivy
  • January 4, 2012


pierino January 5, 2012
Cheese is a living, breathing thing so you should never ever freeze it. It doesn't like plastic either. If you go to a real cheese monger you'll see that they never ever use anything but paper. You can use butcher paper and tape it up. But also you can buy Formaticum Cheese Paper (with labels) at better cheese shops.
abigailis January 5, 2012
If its a hard cheese, put it in a plastic grocery bag in the cheese drawer, the plastic bag won't seal completely and lets it breathe and age in the fridge. A 2# block of Cabot cheddar will last 2+ months this way. Parm or asiago the same.
Sam1148 January 4, 2012
I like the Ziplock "sous vide" vacuum system. A food saver is much better and far more expensive.

The ziplock system has specialized bags and a little manual action pump, to pump out the air. It's super cheap about 5 bucks, and bags are relatively cheap. Unlike the food saver the ziplock system can store cheeses for use and rezip and repump out the air. While the food saver is superior for longer term, you waste a portion of the bag each time you open.
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