Too many frozen chicken nuggets

I have tons of frozen chicken nuggets and my mom keeps makeig them almost everyday And recipes that have to do with frozen chicken nuggets/tenders

Brendan moyer


HalfPint September 4, 2014
Make General Tso's Chicken,
Sam1148 September 4, 2014
I've made that before with frozen nuggets and works very well. It works better with the really crispy non-chicken particle type of nugget.
prandial September 4, 2014
This could work:

While the recipe calls for a wok, you can use a frying pan. Take your time with the recipe.

If you're looking to start with smaller changes, consider creating an interesting sauce (spicy chili, teriyaki, pesto) or spice rub. Mark Bittman cookbooks are good places to start.
prandial September 4, 2014
Could you chop up the nuggets and use them in chicken tacos? Could you remove the breading and cook them on the stovetop with some lemon juice and basil? Could you make a chicken curry?

Alternately, could you put together a shopping list with your mom?
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