what do these oven symbols mean and which do i use?

I'm kinda confused as to what these oven symbols mean and which one do I select to oven food like premade frozen chicken nuggets, chicken goujons, pizza or things like fish and chips?

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Gammy October 4, 2020
I agree, but rather strange that you will be turning off the oven if you need to use the light. Every oven I have had has a light switch separate from the heat controls.
Wendy October 4, 2020
My guess for the 12 o’clock symbol is OFF.
Nancy October 4, 2020
Great- yes!
Nancy October 3, 2020
Luu337722 - a web search is your friend.
And/or if you see the oven brand name, you can look up its manual.
Roughly, from 2 o'clock position:
Light, heat from bottom element only, heat from bottom & top elements at same time, grill (or top down) heat only; don't know 12 o'clock one.

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