Plum fudge

I studied abroad in London about 8 yrs ago and fell in LOVE with the plum fudge they sold in Harrod's food hall. It was a light brown color and had the consistency of typical chocolate fudge, with a flavor that was fruity without being overly sweet. I've looked everywhere for a recipe with no results, but just bought a glut of fantastic-looking plums at the farmers market this weekend and am determined that I will find a way to recreate it. Does anyone have suggestions, or better yet, an actual recipe? I don't have much candy making experience.

Meaghan F


Liza's K. September 9, 2014
From the photo you've posted, it sounds like it was a regular fudge with dried plums mixed in. You don't see it as much here, but in Europe there is "Christmas Fudge" which is fudge with dried fruit and nuts mixed in. I'd start with a recipe like this: (fudge is quite easy to make) and mix in minced or pureed dried plums and see if that's what you were looking for. It seems pretty unlikely that they used regular plums.
Uncle J. September 8, 2014
Could this be it?
Meaghan F. September 8, 2014
Unfortunately no... It looks exactly like this, but a slightly darker color:
HalfPint September 8, 2014
Sounds a lot like pate de fruits. Here's a recipe (haven't tried it out, but directions look pretty straightforward),
Meaghan F. September 8, 2014
Those do look yummy!! It was definitely a fudge though... My guess is that it's essentially a vanilla fudge with plum preserves mixed in, but wanted to get some opinions before I went through the processes of preserve-making and then fudge-making.
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