Ume plum vinegar is part of my essential 3 stirfry flavors, but I can't find it in Asian food stores, can anyone tell me why?

Along with tamari and sesame oil, I always use ume plum vinegar. No asian food store seems to carry it - and I'm wondering why not. It's the brine from umeboshi and only Eden brand seems to carry it. Did they stumble onto something good and Americanize this product that is not actually used in any Asian cuisine, or am I missing something? I get blank stares from Japanese storekeepers when I ask about it.

  • Posted by: LaMar
  • June 3, 2015


LaMar June 4, 2015
As a side note, the herb purple perilla which is what is used to brine the plums grows like a weed in my backyard now. maybe I should try making my own! (and anyone who wants to try this, the plants is purple, and can get really pretty with flowers if you let it. But also spreads quickly like nobody's business.)
Susan W. June 3, 2015
Can you buy the plums (umeboshi) in the brine? My store carries the vinegar, so it hasn't disappeared. Amazon has a variety of brands including Eden.
LaMar June 4, 2015
Interesting that there are more brands online than just Eden, that does hint to it being used more widely. But the local H Mart, a giant Asian grocery, and the smaller japanese-oriented asian stores in my greater Boston area don't carry it. That's what surprised me. I will look online and see what's offered, thanks.
Susan W. June 4, 2015
My H Mart carries a few different brands. However, when I asked them if they had rice omni so I could make TrampledByGeese garbanzo miso, they looked at me like I had at least two heads.
AntoniaJames June 3, 2015
Whole Foods in many places sells it. As do some independent grocery stores. ;o)
davis P. June 3, 2015
Oh that's interesting. I'd love to know if there's an answer for this... In the meantime, if you're having trouble finding it, I order mine form Amazon.
LaMar June 4, 2015
H mart, the local very large Asian grocery, doesn't carry it, nor the two smaller Asian groceries, one that seems to be Japanese-oriented. BUt the local groovy organic coop, and Whole Foods (on the bottom shelf) do, and just the Eden brand. I will check Amazon out of curiousity to other brands. Thanks!
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