Question about: Fresh Sriracha (aka, home made 'Rooster') I'm wondering about processing time for a traditional canning/water bath.



Greenstuff September 16, 2014
Here's a blog post by someone who adapted that recipe for home canning,
Susan W. September 16, 2014
Just in case it's more appealing to you, it freezes very well. I just defrosted one of my little bags and it tastes exactly as it did the day I made it. On a suggestion from a friend, I used pineapple juice instead of vinegar. Mind blowing.
MikeeLikesIt September 17, 2014
I canned and froze, I'll need to try the pineapple juice -- Thank you!
Susan W. September 17, 2014
Awesome that you did both. It will be fun to compare the results.
HalfPint September 16, 2014
There seems to be plenty of acid in the recipe, so I think 20 minutes (at sea level) for pints in a water bath canner. Adjust the time for the altitude at which you live. Pressure canning would be better.
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