HELLO do you have eny recipes for midnight snack



Sam1148 September 21, 2014
Almonds, Coconut, Raisins, Dried Apricots Chopped.Throw in a few bit of chocolate chip if your like.
THE M. September 21, 2014
A light, refreshing salad. Cut up a few ripe, juicy tomatoes, half of an avocado, a green or red pepper, and rain some lemon juice on it. Highly satisfying and not too heavy if you plan to go to sleep eventually.
Pegeen September 20, 2014
A delicious omelette with herbs, some crusty bread with butter, a glass of champagne. And then there's always the classic PB&J on toast or cold cereal.
PazzoNico September 19, 2014
Scotch. Neat.
bigpan September 19, 2014
Warm mashed potato with sour cream and chives served in a martini glass topped with some caviar.
Exbruxelles September 19, 2014
Truffle popcorn. Food of the gods. Pop regular popcorn in truffle oil. Coat the bowl with a dash of additional truffle oil and toss the popcorn with salt. Eat. Swoon.
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