suggestion for a good midnight snack?



FoodieFlirt March 31, 2011
I recommend easy snacks which require no cooking. I can't tell you how many times I've burned or cut myself when I thought I was awake enough - but wasn't. My fave is a slice of toast smeared with almond butter and pear preserves - accompanied by a tall glass of (unsweetened coconut) milk.
ALittleZaftig March 30, 2011
Kettle chips dipped in melted dark chocolate.
latoscana March 30, 2011
Concur with all of the grilled cheese and croque monsieur variants. Simple, gooey, warm, crunchy, comfort food with plenty of carbohydrates which are thought to be the reason you get sleepy after eating.
sarah K. March 30, 2011
If I were the sort of person who was able to stay up until midnight, I think I'd love something like croque monsieur with really good bread. Especially if someone else were going to make it. Wait, isn't that what happens in "It's Complicated"? Or was it homemade chocolate croissants? Oh geez, now I'm gonna be obsessing the rest of the week. Too bad croissants aren't instant, eh?
ChefDaddy March 30, 2011
I love eating cold chinese or thai food in front of the fridge as well as cold pizza or pasta. But, when I don't have any of those I usally make a runny egg sandwich of some sort. (two eggs sunny side up between two pieces of toasted bread).
Anitalectric March 30, 2011
Ramen noodles rule late night! I make them from scratch with whatever veggies are laying around, noodles from the Asian market, Japanese curry powder, vegetable seasoning and a splash of coconut milk.

Otherwise, I go for somthing easy to make and easy to digest:

Toast with avocado, cucumber, olive oil, lemon, salt and dried oregano.

PB & J with banana on toast

PB & J on ice cream

olives, water crackers and any creamy spread (I go for cashew ricotta)

celery sticks with Worcestershire sauce.

Apples and peanut butter.

innoabrd March 30, 2011
midnight? The school bus comes at 6:30, we're up at 5:40. If I see midnight, I'm so tired I'm not sure I should be trusted with any sort of pointy implement, much less a heat generating appliance...
cookinginvictoria March 30, 2011
Eliana60 beat me to it! If we don't have any cookies lying around, my go-to snack is Nutella spread on graham crackers with a cold glass of milk.
Eliana60 March 30, 2011
Graham crackers & Nutella! Toasted bagel & cream cheese. Grilled ham & cheese. Go for the Ice cream! You know you want it! There's nothing healthy about eating at midnight anyway.
FoodieGoesHealthy March 29, 2011
My "go to's" are cereal and milk or cheese melted on toast in the toaster oven. Also love peanut butter on banana or apple slices.
enbe March 29, 2011
I was going to agree with seaspray. Popcorn is always a favorite, or grilled cheese with gruyere and caramelized onions (not that that's something you have lying around) on a baguette or easier: swiss on rye with a lil mustard. Soooogood.
boulangere March 29, 2011
Close to Pierino: cold pasta eaten out of the leftover container.
SEASPRAY March 29, 2011
Popcorn is a favorite low-cal snack. Target has a shaker with cheddar cheese, or sour cream/chives powder to top your popcorn.Other than that, brewers yeast is tasty on popcorn. If you want sweet, try cinnamon sugar on your popcorn
amysarah March 29, 2011
Leftovers - eaten standing in front of the open fridge, out of the container, without even putting the light on in the kitchen. Pasta or anything involving rice are personal faves.

Either that or a fried egg sandwich on whole wheat toast, with a drizzle of sriracha. Especially if you've had a few glasses of wine that night. So good.
pierino March 29, 2011
Cold pizza with sausage topping.
Helen's A. March 29, 2011
My midnight snacks MUST contain pork products of some kind. The cravings have gotten more upscale over the years. Now that I have freshly home cured pancetta in the freezer, I'm thinking pasta carbanara... And since midnight snacks usually are due to post over-hydration, mimosas or other hair of the dog are usually also in order. I make a mean champagne cocktail with the cranberry liqueor I make in the fall...
boulangere March 29, 2011
Well, back when I could eat chocolate, . . . . . Can you give us some hints? What are some of your flavor preferences?
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