What's your favorite late night snack

Late night snack

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Pegeen July 22, 2016
Branson pickle and cheddar on Triscuits. Yum!
Pegeen July 22, 2016
Make that "Branston"
JulieS July 22, 2016
Truffle popcorn
Salt & Vinegar Potato Chips with Peppadew dip
....and always a glass of wine!
scruz July 20, 2016
i don't seem to be able to get dinner on the table before 8 p.m. even in retirement so rarely do i snack but sometimes if we eat early i will crave fruit with greek yogurt. lately it is blueberries as the fruit but pineapple and mangoes are satisfying but not too much of the sweet stuff. has anyone had the experience of vivid dreaming after eating a white sapote? a friend recently had me try one and i had the longest and most vivid almost bordering on nightmare. i've heard they can help you sleep.
Jr0717 July 19, 2016
To (try) to keep myself from snacking, I love having chilled or frozen fruit sprinkled with mint or cinnamon after dinner. It's a great way to enjoy whatever is in season (so you never get bored!) and cleanses the palate, so to speak, after a meal.

My family members often prefer hot homemade chocolate pudding out of the pot at 11:30 PM, or fresh whipped cream with half a bag of powdered sugar...from the bowl with a spatula, and no other way.
ktr July 19, 2016
Trail mix
Dates dipped in creme fraiche
herbal chai tea with honey or date syrup and coconut milk
creamtea July 19, 2016
Tamari almonds.
Unsalted roasted cashews.
Pickle wedge.
Not necessarily together.
pierino July 19, 2016
When I was going to college in LA we would be studying late for exams. We'd break it up with a run to the original Tommy Burger on Rampart for chili cheese burgers. They had a very distinctive aroma that would spread through the whole dorm.
Not a snack as such been when I was traveling in Spain we got accustomed to going to dinner at 10:00 like everyone else and leaving at midnight.
caninechef July 19, 2016
Now this is a topic in itself, brings back memories of Louie's Lunch Truck in Ithaca.
Nancy July 20, 2016
CanineChef - Ah. And did you ever finish an all-nighter at the State Diner across town?
Matilda L. July 19, 2016
Buttered toast or ricotta drizzled with maple syrup. My husband will eat dry granola late at night--washed down with a snifter of cognac!
PHIL July 19, 2016
Vodka martini
Rachel July 19, 2016
Yep, agreed. However, I think that a small glass of rye counts as a snack too.
eva H. July 19, 2016
Dip and crusty bread! Mmm, extra points if it's spinach dip.
702551 July 19, 2016
I quit eating late years ago. I found that any late evening food has a tendency to disrupt sleep and reduce the overall quality of my rest. Better to go to bed slightly hungry rather than with a full belly.

You really don't want to excite your senses when you're hoping to go to sleep. Late night eating does that.

One thing I found about not eating late is that I no longer need coffee (or any caffeinated beverage) to wake up. Get good sleep and you don't need caffeine to get you started in the morning. This is from a long-time, now former coffee aficionado. I still enjoy coffee as an occasional treat (mostly when I'm on holiday), however it is no longer a daily requirement for me.
pierino July 19, 2016
I go to bed at night thinking about breakfast.
Susan W. July 19, 2016
I'm doing a low carb thing training for the Portland Marathon. So...homemade beef jerky, smoked trout from trader joes and avocado are my nighttime snacks right now. What do I really want? Peanut butter, ghee and honey sandwich on white bread with a small glass of chocolate milk. Sigh
HalfPint July 19, 2016
Bread. Fills me up without sitting in my stomach like a rock. Produces serotonin which helps me relax and fall asleep. So a piece of toast or a small sandwich is often what I crave at night.
BerryBaby July 19, 2016
Honestly, I've never eaten a late night snack..ever. If I were to, though, it would be crunchy peanut butter on gummy white bread, strawberry jam and olive oil mayonnaise.
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