what are the best tomatoes for pico de gallo

Lisa M Keiley


Ange June 17, 2019
Fresh beefsteak, by far, are the best tomatoes for pico de gallo when I make it. They're large, meaty tomatoes that dice easily. My experience with plums, or romas, is that they aren't so meaty these days, often having much water and seed in them. So, truly, it depends on the varietal tomatoes to which you have access.
SKK September 21, 2014
Ripe tomatoes, freshly harvested. If you are going to use Roma's roast them first. The skin will slip right off and your pico de gallo will be richer.
Susan W. September 21, 2014
The ones that taste best. :)
Uncle J. September 21, 2014
Can't argue with Susan W's answer, but traditionally they are made with Roma style tomatoes, which are meaty and have fewer seeds than most types of tomato. But any "real" tomato would be better than most supermarket tomatoes. Canned won't work - wrong texture.
Susan W. September 21, 2014
Actually, because it is always made with so few (always raw..never peeled) ingredients, it truly should be made with the best tomatoes. I grew up in San Diego and it's often considered a salad.
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