How can I use up a LOT of pico de gallo, "fresh" salsa left over from a catering event?

Cups and cups of it, heavy on the onion. What can I cook with it? Can I freeze it? I hate for it to go to waste.

  • Posted by: Bascula
  • April 20, 2018


Rita L. April 24, 2018
You can also put it in a jar, that last for about a week or so.
Megan April 21, 2018
Could you cook it down in some oil to make a sofrito that you could use as a base for future recipes? You can freeze sofrito in small quantities and add a bit to rice, chicken, beans, stews, etc.
Miss_Karen April 21, 2018
Other ingredients would be chicken stock,cumin, chili powder, crushed tortilla chips, a bit of coriander and some corn.
Miss_Karen April 21, 2018
Make tortilla soup. Put the pico de gallo in the pan. Saute it- then puree. Proceed with the other ingredients.

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BerryBaby April 20, 2018
Make soup by adding chicken broth and freeze it in containers. When ready to use, add shredded chicken and taco chips. Top with shredded cheddar a dollup of sour cream....Taco Soup! BB
Bascula April 20, 2018
Hmm, this has some potential.
BerryBaby April 20, 2018
Let us know if you give it a try. I have made this before and it’s quite good. After it has come to a simmer, adjust the seasonings to your liking. I add a bit of cumin and red pepper flakes.
Nancy April 20, 2018
Bottle it prettily, pack with a few related foods, and use as a promotional or thank you gift.
Smaug April 20, 2018
It can work pretty well as an ingredient in mixed rice (or other grain) and mixed vegetable (combines especially well with corn) dishes, but "cups and cups" might be a bit difficult. Also can be mixed with simple ingredients such as cooked seafoods for a taco filling. Should freeze decently.
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