Any thoughts on if this will work with a 3lb Grassfed Brisket? I am concerned about the fat content. If not do you have any suggestions on how to...

...cook a grassfed brisket? My last endeavor came out a tad dry (I tried a grill braised brisket recipe from Bruce Adelis last time

Nach Waxman's Brisket of Beef
Recipe question for: Nach Waxman's Brisket of Beef


Susan W. September 26, 2014
Dustimily, I rarely eat anything but grassfed beef and pastured chickens and have for the last 7 years. I have spoken at length about the ins and outs of cooking this meticulously and kindly raised meat. Feel free to message me with any questions. It does take a certain knack.

Let us all know how it goes.
Maedl September 24, 2014
I cook brisket long and slow. I season it and put it fat side up in a large dutch oven, nestled in a bed of sweet potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, maybe some turnips or parsnips. I add enough wine to cover the vegetables, the put the cover on and shove it into an oven at 300 or 325 degrees. If I remember, I will pull the pot out of the oven and spoon some of the juices over the brisket. Let it bake for 3 1/2 or 4 hours and you have a fine meal, plus leftovers if you are lucky.

The NY Times also has a recipe I like very much--brisket with pomegranate and cranberries:
boulangere September 23, 2014
Dustimily, I eat exclusively grass-feed beef (and bison). That said, I don't eat a lot of it, but treasure it when I do. You're right to be attentive to the lower fat content of a grass-fed brisket; nonetheless, given where it comes from on the animal and the weight that it hold up, it will still have lots of good collagen in it, and that is what gives it that heavenly, silken texture. After you've grilled/browned it to caramelize some wonderful surface flavors, I'd suggest putting it into a 300 degree oven, then reducing it to 275 degrees. Low and slow are the watchwords. Also, I like to braise with beer. Alaskan Amber works well. Never be afraid to add more than a recipe calls for. While I love a good IPA on a hot Sunday afternoon, it's a bit too hoppy and bitter for braising. But to serve with your brisket, oh yes!
Dustimily September 26, 2014
Boulangere, we recently filled our freezer(s) with all kinds of grass fed/pasture raised meats, learning to cook them well is going to take some time. I appreciate your advice very much! Hopefully the next brisket will be less dry:)
boulangere September 26, 2014
Woo Hoo!

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Susan W. September 23, 2014
I think this recipe would work with a couple of adjustments. Because of the leaness of grass fed meats, I would brown it with medium heat rather than medium high. Also, maybe lower the oven to 325 and down to 300 when he lowers it a second time. Also make sure to have beef stock and/or red wine on hand to make sure there is adequate liquid.

If you read the comments, you'll see a recipe that someone posted of their granny's recipe that looks good too.

Good luck and be sure to report back. The brisket looks delicious.
Dustimily September 26, 2014
Thank you Susan! Great advice!
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