How do I find Paleo recipes

I have typed " paleo recipes" there is no information. When I typed " paleo pumpkin pie". I did get a recipe.

  • Posted by: Kathy
  • September 24, 2014


Maedl September 24, 2014
If you want Paleo recipes, you should search Paleo sites!
Maedl September 24, 2014
Sorry, I hit the reply button before I finished my post. You might start with the website, Mark's Daily Apple, which has some recipes and branch out from there. Your public library probably has some Paleo cookbooks in the cooking section which you can borrow. Booksellers have a ton of Paleo cookbooks, which you can browse and select several that look interesting.
creamtea September 24, 2014
In large part the recipes are submitted by home cooks, who choose how to tag them and influence the search capabilities. So like Susan says, it will be hit and miss; you might need to do a little extra sifting on this site.
Susan W. September 24, 2014
This isn't a paleo site, so it will be hit and miss. The way you found the paleo pumpkin pie would be a good way to do it. NomNom Paleo, Clothes Make The Girl, Chris Kresser and Mark Sisson's site are my favorite paleo recipe sites.
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