why does my pumpkin pie get a crispy top to it.

  • Posted by: bzell
  • November 24, 2019


Miss_Karen November 24, 2019
Its imperative that the oven temp changes. The first part of baking at one temperature then the last part at a lower temp. It should be a bit jiggly in the center. Stuff continues to cook slightly as it cools...
Aja A. November 24, 2019
Hi Bzell, may I ask what recipe are you using? If the pie is getting a crispy top, it sounds like the oven temperature might be too high? This recipe has some great temperature recommendations in step 5 for nailing the crust and consistency just right. https://food52.com/recipes/15143-meta-given-s-pumpkin-pie
bzell November 24, 2019
It's my mother-en receipt. It use to be perfect. I just started making it again after years. Now I've started using again and the top has been crispy each time. I use to have an electric oven. Now I have a gas oven. could that be it? thought of trying parchment paper on top?
Emmie November 24, 2019
Maybe try baking it on a lower rack; if your gas oven heats from the top, it might be creating a heat differential that's making the top bake too fast.
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