Best way to cook a duck?

I was just gifted a beautiful duck that was just processed yesterday. I've never cooked one before and I want to make the most of it, so here's my question: should I roast it whole or should I butcher it and cook it piecemeal? Confit the legs, grill the beast? I'm excited! I'm texting you aargersi!



arielleclementine September 26, 2014
Thank you all so much! I think I'm leaning towards Merrill's recipe, but will report back! Will definitely try to capture as much fat as possible for cooking potatoes, and definitely duck stock. Much to think about!
Susan W. September 26, 2014
How fun for you!! I haven't made Merrill's slow roasted duck, but it looks amazing. It's definitely the recipe I'll go to when I cook a duck.
lastnightsdinner September 26, 2014
Merrill's slow roasted duck is excellent, but we also love taking whole ducks apart and cooking them in various ways. The breasts are great smoked or grilled, and definitely confit the legs (and wings!). Anything else can (and should!) go into a stock pot :) Also, we made this last year for Christmas dinner, and it was AMAZING.
lastnightsdinner September 26, 2014
Gah, doesn't like the link, I guess! Anyway, Paula Wolfert's Slow-Cooked Duck with Green Olives and Herbes de Provence is what I was trying to link out to. Amazing dish, and easy enough that we did it with a newborn at home!
QueenSashy September 26, 2014
You can certainly do both... It depends on what you like better and the occasion. I find that cooking different pieces individually brings the best out of different parts, but there is a lot of charm in making the whole bird. At the end it is really up to you...
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