Trying to roast a chicken in the dorms

I have salt and pepper but no oil. I only have a small cookie sheet, I think 1/4 pan. Is roasting the whole chicken hopeless? I am considering breaking it down... should I try to smuggle some butter from the dining commons or just get some oil? Will it work without oil?? i also have no foil. dorm cooking is so hard.

  • Posted by: Jassy
  • October 3, 2014


Meaghan F. October 3, 2014
I'd be thinking about starting with a Cornish hen, then trying a whole chicken... I'd also consider poaching over a hot plate or something instead of roasting.
Pegeen October 3, 2014
p.s. Wanted to mention that you need to be sure to work in sanitary conditions when preparing the chicken. If you are cutting chicken or meat in a dorm kitchenette, you want to be clean the cutting board and knife first with boiling water and soap. After you prep your chicken or meat and move it to your baking sheet, clean the cutting board and kitchen surfaces around it, again, with boiling water and soap. You definitely don't need to get sick (or make anyone else sick!).
Susan W. October 3, 2014
Oil is not needed. Remove the giblet bag and/or neck. Lots of salt and pepper inside and out. If you happen to have a lemon and garlic, cut the lemon up, peel the garlic and shove some in the cavity. No big deal if you don't have them. One hour at 350° should yield a cooked chicken with crispy skin.

The only issue I can forsee is the pan may or may not overflow with grease, so have a game plan for that. Even removing the pan, set the chicken aside and pour the grease into an empty can.
Pegeen October 3, 2014
Do you have access to a regular electric oven or a toaster oven? Depending on the width of the oven you're using, you would be better off "spatchcocking" the chicken, which is cutting it in half, removing the spine, and roasting it halved and "spread out" instead of as a whole bird. Spatchcocked cooks a lot faster than a whole bird. If your pan is tiny, you could roast one half of the split chicken at a time.
"How to Spatchcock a Chicken" (you will need scissors or a larger, sharp knife)

You can do it without oil or butter, but either of them will help to crisp up the skin and retain moisture in the bird. Either oil or butter are fine to rub all over the bird. Steal a couple lemons or oranges and squeeze them on the outside of the bird too (stuff them halved inside the cavity of the bird if you're keeping the bird whole). Sprinkle salt and pepper all over outside of the bird.
mrslarkin October 3, 2014
What kind of oven do u have? If u can get butter or oil, that would be great. Sometimes chickens have some extra fatty pieces you can render to make oil (just nuke in microwave for like 30 seconds or so until the fat melts.) Rub the bird w oil or butter or fat, season well w salt n peppa.
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