Can't seem to submit a recipe to the latest contest

I entered the recipe for the last contest which is under testing right now, the recipe was not picked for a community pick, but I can't find the edit button to enter it for the latest contest ( Green holiday sides)

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Lindsay-Jean H. October 6, 2014
Panfusine and Brooklyn Salt, can you tell me a little bit more about what's happening? (The more information I can share with the tech team, the better.) You're both signed in, but you're not seeing an edit button? If you wouldn't mind going to and sharing the link it generates, that would be helpful too. Feel free to reply here or email me directly at [email protected].

And for the future, if you ever have an issue with the site, the fastest way to get help is to email us at [email protected]

Dorie C. October 6, 2014
Thanks Lindsay, here's the link from For me, the Edit button is not visible for one of my recipes that is currently a community pick in an active contest and I was attempting to enter it into a different contest. Many thanks for your help!
inpatskitchen October 6, 2014
Contact the editors. They should be able to free your recipe(s) up for you.
Dorie C. October 6, 2014
I'm having the same problem. I think maybe you can't enter a recipe that's currently entered in another active contest.
Panfusine October 6, 2014
That seems new. Usually the recipes are 'free'd up' once the list for the community picks is posted and the testing notes are submitted.
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