Can I freeze whole milk, full fat brie?

I was lucky enough to receive some terrific raw milk cheeses from Germany. However there is not easy I can possibly eat all of it now. I thought to freeze it until closer to the holidays when it can reappear as an hors d' oeuvre for everyone. Thoughts? And thanks!

  • Posted by: marynn
  • October 10, 2014


HalfPint October 10, 2014
Yes, you can freeze brie. From the people who make a rather good brie and camembert:
ChefJune October 10, 2014
I have never tried freezing Brie, and I think there's a reason why... If I were you, I might try freezing a small portion to see how it does, but I cannot imagine the texture not being seriously compromised. I think you should have a part and enjoy it right away.
Susan W. October 10, 2014
I freeze hard cheeses all the time, but I can't imagine a runny cheese like brie would fare well. It's better than throwing it away or letting it go bad, but I think the texture will change to much. You may still be able to cook with it. How about throwing an impromptu party with cheese and wine?

I'm jealous of your cheeses. We can buy raw cheese in Oregon, but they are hard to find.
marynn October 10, 2014
Oops! I meant to say "no way I can possibly eat all of this now."
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