Making Tres Leches cake but I'm missing 2 of the 'milks', will whole milk work?

I'm making tres leches cake later with what I have on hand due to the current situation.
The topping calls for 14 oz sweeten condensed milk (which I have), but I'm missing 12 ounces of evaporated milk and 8 ounces of heavy cream.
I DO have whole fat milk, which I will be cooking down to make evaporated milk.. but will whole milk be a suitable replacement for heavy cream?
Should I make another 8 ounces evaporated milk as a replacement, or maybe 4 ounces evaporated and the other 4 ounces plain whole milk?
Any suggestions are welcome!! Thanks in advance :)



Erin A. April 4, 2020
Hi there! I think you can use whole milk and butter to make a heavy cream substitute, here's a quick guide: I hope that helps!
emily.effy April 5, 2020
Awesome resource, immediately bookmarked! Thanks so much :)
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