Is my blue cheese bad?

I recently bought a wedge of blue cheese; the expiration date on it was 5 weeks out. The look, feel, and smell of the outside was normal but when I started to crumble it, the blue veins inside were "fuzzy". I've eaten my fair share of blue cheese but this is a first. I threw it away, just to be safe. Did I throw money down the drain?

Tony S
  • Posted by: Tony S
  • October 10, 2014


Sam1148 October 10, 2014
5 weeks is nothing for Blue Cheese. Take a close at the 'dates' there are three types. Expiration date (toss it), Best By Date (it might lose some quality), and Sell By date (The date the store has to sell it).
Don't confuse the three, each have their distinct meanings.

As far as blue cheese goes..unless it tastes moldy it was probably still good.
When that type of cheese gets tossed it's because of slime on the surface, or new mold in the surface---that's bad.
Susan W. October 10, 2014
The fuzziness is odd. The blue vein molds do like to continue to prosper and will even grow microscopic mushroom type organisms if exposed to air. Is the cheese odd in any other way? Wet or crumbly?

I would take it back. If you are like me, you probably have tossed the receipt, but in most cases, the store will exchange or refund.
ChefJune October 10, 2014
It's impossible to say for sure without seeing it, but probably you did just waste a bunch of money. Unless the cheese is soft and fresh (blue cheese is not usually), one should just trim the mold and go ahead and eat or serve. Mold is a natural product of most cheeses.
Expiration dates are silly on most cheese, but the FDA says they have to be there. 99% of all cheese I've every seen, had, eaten are just fine (and tasty) looooooong after their so-called expiration date..
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