Geoduck - extra meat, how to store?

Anyway, long story short, someone dropped off a geoduck today and I cooked up a bunch of it like he said (cut away from shell, blanch, skin, slice, pound, fry lightly in garlic butter). It's AMAZING!

Only now we have about half of it left, not sliced or fried. How do I store this? The guy said DON't FREEZE with great emphasis, and something about vinegar. But due to his strong accent, I really didn't understand what to do.



lplynch January 28, 2018
Thank you for this long-ago Q&A. A friend dropped off 3 geoduck today and there is a limit to how much we can eat! I will prep some for clam strips and chowder, while we're stuffing ourselves with the sashimi.
Susan W. October 11, 2014
I would feel comfortable eating it in a ceviche or sauteed in olive oil on day 2. My favorite is as sushi on day one. Cooking Channel posted a geoduck chowder from Walrus and The Carpenter in Seattle. I haven't made it, but I have eaten it in the restaurant and it's nirvana.
trampledbygeese October 11, 2014
I just stuck the extra meat in an container in the fridge. How shall I cook it today? I'm thinking that semi-raw is not day-two way to server shell fish. Maybe soup?
Susan W. October 10, 2014
Sure they can be frozen. You just can't freeze them in the shell. The best way to do it would be to portion how you want them, freeze on a flat surface and then pop into a bag. I don't know about the vinegar thing.
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