When I make chicken and vegetable pot pies they sometimes come out tasting like vinnegar. I have tried everything but this still happens

Please help! The pot pies are usually to die for but this vinegar thing is killing my rep!

  • Posted by: simone
  • October 13, 2014


sexyLAMBCHOPx October 13, 2014
Good suggestion, I would of never thought that chicken pot pie or just trying to make the dish could sour in a million years. I make it a lot in the fall/winter, its my husbands favorite dish. My first home cook thought was that maybe the vessel or dish itself was compromised. There's nothing acidic to make it taste that way; I would have never thought of the stock/broth itself. Simone - I hope, you try again to maintain your rep!

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creamtea October 13, 2014
Stock can sour. Joy of Cooking recommends when making stock to start with cold water and ingredients, bringing to the boil UNcovered, reducing to a simmer immediately after reaching the boil and simmer only partially, not fully, covered, then cooling uncovered. Somewhere along the line I've learned that cooling it covered can sour the stock. Then refrigerate, covered (and with its fat layer) up to 3-4 days. Since the authors also add that starchy vegetables can sour a stock, I wonder if the way or timing of the cornstarch thickener is affecting the last portion of the stock you are adding to the pies?
sexyLAMBCHOPx October 13, 2014
Post the recipe you're using for troubleshooting.
simone October 13, 2014
Well it's just a basic recipe. I roast the chickens myself, then I boil the bones to make stock which I then thicken with some cornstarch. I also use the pieces the chicken left in the stock to add to the pies. I then add some carrots, potatoes, peas and onions. I sppon some of the thickened stock at the bottom of the pies, then pile on the pot pie mix and pour a little more stock on top for moisture. That's it! Could it be that I am leaving the pies out too long? If that's the case then why wouldn't all the pies taste like vinnegar? It's only the odd one or two out of a batch of 30.
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