Should all pound cakes be placed in a cold oven?

Lillian Clarke


Brien G. October 24, 2014
No - Paula Deen has an excellent recipe for Georgia Southwest Cold Oven Poundcake which knocks your socks off. I have served it multiple times to company and always a hit.
Lisi32 October 22, 2014
I always bake mine in a cold oven and they turn out perfect every time.
Susan W. October 22, 2014
I think the slow rise that happens creates a better texture. Grandma knew best.
ChefJune October 22, 2014
I've baked many pound cakes. None that I can recall started out in a cold oven.
Susan W. October 22, 2014
No, but I have two recipes that calls for a cold oven, so it's not true that they should never be started in a cold oven. I do what I am told when it comes to old school cake recipes. They both turn out incredibly well. There are several posted on food52 that call for a cold oven.
Susan W. October 22, 2014
My point was supposed to be that just do what your recipe calls for. I got off track. :)

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boulangere October 22, 2014
Sorry - I hit Enter too fast. No, no pound cakes should be placed in a cold oven. If you've use room-temperature ingredients, and mixed it properly, there is no point at all to placing it in a cold oven.
boulangere October 22, 2014
Dona October 22, 2014
Mine goes in a cold oven,my moms recipe from the 50's
Monita October 22, 2014
I've only baked pound cakes in a pre-heated oven
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