How long would you put this in a crock pot for?

Secret Ingredient Beef Stew
Recipe question for: Secret Ingredient Beef Stew


Susan W. November 4, 2014
Depending on the size of your meat chunks, I would say 5-6 hours on low. Maybe even 7 if you cut your meat in 3 inch chunks. Slow cookers cook at different temps, so just start checking it at 5 hours, but count on at least 6. I would reduce the liquids by half in a slow cooker.

The amount of vinegar seems like a lot. Some of the comments mentioned it was too vinegary.
Nancy November 4, 2014
If you already have a crock pot, check its directions for a recipe with similar amount of meat & dial accordingly. To replicate oven braising (about 3 hr at 350F), cook at crock pot "high" or "fast" about 3 hours, at crock pot "medium" or "slow" about twice that or until inner temperature is 160F.
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