Do you think these could be frozen and then reheated? Thanks, nt

  • Posted by: ntt2
  • November 8, 2014
Creamy Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms
Recipe question for: Creamy Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms


ntt2 November 8, 2014
Thanks - will do!
Pegeen November 8, 2014
Enjoy - I remember they were very tasty. You just inspired me to put them on the Thanksgiving list!
Pegeen November 8, 2014
p.s. As Michele points out, if there's another recipe out there that OK's freezing, then you might want to go for it. If your life is not too complicated, maybe try freezing half of them, and doing the refrigeration thing I mentioned for the other half?
And if freezing works, you would be a gem to add a comment to the recipe saying that it did. :-)
Pegeen November 8, 2014
I'd be a little concerned about freezing them because mushrooms are watery (so could be a little soggy when defrosted). Instead of freezing, you could try making them up through step 5 and refrigerating overnight. Then do the final bake, step 6, the next day when you serve them.
Also in case you haven't seen them, there are some helpful comments at the end of the recipe. One is to use a food processor to chop up the sausage into smaller bits. (If you're using button mushrooms, there isn't a whole lot of room for the stuffing, so it helps if everything is in small pieces.) It's been a while since I made these, but they were delicious!
Michele November 8, 2014
I think it will be ok. The Pioneer Woman has a stuffed mushroom recipe and she says you can bake and freeze or, freeze and bake later.
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