why is creame fraiche healthier than double cream?



usuba D. December 26, 2010
The "good bugs" that are used to ferment the milk. Yes they are probiotics in a sense, but more good bacteria, or starter cultures, used in so many foods, like sauerkraut, salami, yogart, cheese, and many other foods. Possibly the oldest form of preservation is fermentation.
pierino December 26, 2010
usuba D. December 26, 2010
There is a school of thought that cultured food are better for you. . . . creme fraiche. Other than that . . . .
Merrill S. December 25, 2010
Either one in moderation won't hurt you! I've never heard of anyone saying creme fraiche is "healthier" than cream -- it's really more about flavor preference.
Food52 December 25, 2010
Sorry all -- a glitch in our system caused the multiple postings. @geofreejames did ask just once.
nutcakes December 25, 2010
Please just ask once. The answers come from Food52.com site members who are likely busy on this day. Who says it is healthier? Compare the fat content. The one with the least fat is the healthier one.
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