I don't know if this question is appropriate for this app-- but does anyone have any healthy vegan recipes or sources for healthy vegan recip

Ideally recipes that actually taste good and maybe some that are quick and easy with few ingredients :)



aobenour December 7, 2013
I concur with zombiecupcake and will also recommend ALL of Isa's cookbooks. I am not vegan but cook her recipes all the time. It's just good food.
dinner A. December 6, 2013
Deborah Madison's encyclopedic "Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone" is a really great cookbook. Many of the recipes are vegan, and even more could be made so with simple changes (substitute another fat for butter, omit a dairy garnish). In addition to very good recipes (from simple to more involved) she includes a lot of discussion of basic ideas for how to choose and cook each vegetable, type of grain, etc.
drbabs December 6, 2013
ZombieCupcake December 6, 2013
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