roasted leg of lamb

I know it's early but I'm planning on slow roasting a deboned leg of lamb for xmas. Does anyone have any idea of how long per pound I should plan for, roasting around 300-325 (after a quick sear on all sides)...i plan on tenting with a bit of wine/stock in the pan. I've sseen everything from 1.5 hours to 6...looking for the rarer side of med-rare



Greenstuff November 17, 2014
There are famed 6 and 7-hour legs of lamb are delicious but different from the rarer dinner you're aiming for. On the other hand, truly slow roasting, lower than what you're saying, might give you exactly what you what you want, just taking longer than the hour and a half. This treatment from Kenji Lopaz-Alt at the Food Lab sounds more like what you're looking for; check it out, if you haven't already seen it

If you have a meat thermometer, use it, checking in more than one spot. If you don't have one, think about getting one. I've been on both ends--waiting for raw lamb to cook and cursing that it's overdone.
ChezHenry November 17, 2014
Ive been using Kenji's approach succesfully, its a reverse of what my mom would do, the classic high heat start followed by a lower temp. The lower temp cooking gets you to a beautiful rare roast, and then the crisp happens at the end, after an initial rest. It works!
inpatskitchen November 17, 2014
For medium rare, I've seen recipes that indicate 20 minutes per pound at 325F. If you want it a little rarer, maybe try 16 to 17 minutes per pound.
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