Can I make sour cream dinner rolls dough in my bread machine?

I have been eyeing the recipe for sour cream dinner rolls and would love to bring them with to my inlaws for Thanksgiving dinner. The issue is that I have to work on Wednesday and won't get home until late and then we have to leave by 9 the next day to get to my inlaws house in time for dinner. Can I dump all the ingredients in my bread machine the morning before and then form the rolls that night after I get home from work, put them in the fridge and then take them out in the morning, let them come to room temp and bake them? If so, how long should I plan on it taking them to come to room temp? And, any other tips you can give me?

  • Posted by: ktr
  • November 24, 2014


AntoniaJames November 24, 2014
What time do you get home from work? I would not start the cycle when you leave in the morning, for several reasons. First, they have egg in them and for food safety reasons, that should not be sitting out all day. Second, if you start the machine in the morning, the dough will rise, and then rise too much, weakening its structure, resulting in a poor texture and most likely, an epic failure. The better approach is this: get your dry ingredients ready and in fact, I'd put them in the bread machine pan in the morning, disregarding the standard instructions. I'd mix all the wet ingredients and store in a covered container all day. When you come home, dump the wet ingredients into the pan with the dry ingredients. I'd give it some help by using a narrow spatula and kind of stir the ingredients together, and then run the dough cycle while you're having dinner. Then, before the dough has fully risen, I'd shape the rolls, put in the pan, cover tightly with buttered plastic wrap and put them right in the fridge. In the morning, it will take about 30 - 40 minutes for the rolls to come up to room temperature, depending on how cold your refrigerator is and how cold your kitchen is. (You can create a warmish environment by putting a tea cup half full of water in your microwave and running it on high for 2 -3 minutes, removing the tea cup, opening and shutting the door quickly to keep the heat in. Let rise with the plastic wrap still on. ) Hope this helps! ;o) P.S. If you're coming home very late, just let the machine knead the dough without any rise time and put the dough in the fridge, without shaping. When you get up (which might be earlier than you really want), take the dough out and shape the rolls immediately. Then, let them rise/warm up. It should take about 45 minutes for them to rise if in a warmish environment. Make sure you're oven is nice and hot and bake them. I hope you're traveling by car to get to your in-laws' house - if you're right up to the wire on leaving at 9, you'll want to take a secure bin and a cooling rack to let the rolls cool off out of the pan. Otherwise, they'll be soggy on the bottom. Hope this helps!
ktr November 24, 2014
Thanks for such a quick and detailed response! It sounds very manageable no matter what time I end up getting home.
AntoniaJames November 25, 2014
One more thing, ktr. I'd add another scant 1/2 teaspoon of yeast, given your limited time for rising. If you have rapid rise / instant yeast (generally recommended for bread machines) be sure to use that, as it will dissolve immediately, once it hits the wet ingredients. Good luck! ;o)
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