I found a recipe for Tom Colicchio's dinner rolls that uses 1 tsp of barley malt syrup instead of sugar. Since I am having some trouble finding this at the market, I am wondering how much of a difference this ingredient makes in the flavor of the final product. Does anyone out there have experience with this recipe or ingredient in baking dinner rolls? Thanks, Christine

  • Posted by: Lehnhoca
  • November 15, 2010


nutcakes November 15, 2010
Be sure to read the comments under that recipe online. A foodpickler reported that there seems to be some error in the recipe and someone in the comments figured out what to do.
Mr_Vittles November 15, 2010
Malt syrup will lend a deep toasty flavor that is the hallmark of good rolls. If you don't have it it won't be a dealbreaker. If you live by a Korean Market it is often sold as Mul Yoot. You could try to substitute malt syrup with a little light molasses.
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