blind baking

ACK! I forgot to blind bake my butter crust before filling it (malted chocolate pecan) .... I had docked the chilled, rolled out dough that was fitted into pie now nervously waiting for result (recipe calls for 52-57 minutes at 425). Think i might try to let it sit in oven longer with foil over the top... but am i guaranteed disaster either way? !! ? arghhh.



Monita November 26, 2014
I make a choc chip pecan pie with a butter crust that I don't blind bake first. It bakes for 55 min. in a 350 oven. The crust is fine. Sometimes I do cover the edges for the last 10 min
helicopterina November 26, 2014
thank you, monita. you just reminded me that i needed to lower the temp from 425 (which was the blind-baking temp) down to 350 (the whole pie-baking temp). oy. but glad to know that your pie comes out ok without blind baking. #fingerscrossed
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