Can you place pecans on top of a pecan pie before baking in order to have pecan just on top of a pecan pie?

I am making a pecan pie for my mother in law for her birthday tomorrow. She loves pecan pie but only likes pecan on top of the gooey filling. I've researched a ton of recipes but all of them either call for chopped pecans mixed into the filling, or to line the bottom of the crust with halved pecans before pouring the filling or both. I've read that pecans can float to the top after pouring the filling into the pie crust. Just to be sure, I wanted to know if I could simply place the pecans on top of the filling before I bake the pie? Has anyone ever baked a pecan pie this way? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. She is an amazing woman who I love and admire. And I know, she'd love and appreciate this pie however it comes out but if I can I'll at least try to make it special for her special day. She deserves it.. Thanks in advance!

  • Posted by: Jane
  • June 4, 2019


Nancy June 5, 2019
And/or bake without the nuts, then sprinkle them (whole or chopped, roasted or not) on top before serving.
C S. June 5, 2019
Jane, my experience is that yes, the pecans do float to the top so that by the time the filling is baked the pecans are on the top. If you put them on the top at first, they may sink initially and then float up again, or alternately if they don't sink they won't have any of the sweet gooeyness on them and may over cook. I know that some people chop the pecans so that more nuts fit into the pie shell. Good luck, it should be delicious either way and I am sure your mil will appreciate your efforts.
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