Can i use (homemade) ghee instead of regular butter in puff pasty/a pie shell?

made some ghee yesterday from my homemade cultured butter (thanks to my farmer who always gives me fresh cream :-)) and i was thinking of making some chocolate puff pastry and a pie shell to store in my freezer for upcoming christmas. Now i am not quite sure i there are interchangeable. I know that butter contains normally 82% fat so adding ghee would mean a 18% increase of fat. Is this a bad thing? i don't know if the puff needs the water in normal butter to rise and create millefeuille, would not be present if i would to use ghee.

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1 Comment

Susan W. December 1, 2014 are a lucky duck to have access to such lovely cream. I have to drive about 35 miles to get unpasteurized cream from grass fed cows.

I think you'd be fine if you were making muffins or a cake that called for oil. For the reasons you mentioned, you would end up with a heavy and oily pastry because of the lack of dairy and moisture. I love my homemade ghee, but I wouldn't bake with it.
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