Have any of you bought ghee and used it? I have always made my own, but saw some in my favorite Indian grocery last time I was there, so I've been wondering if there is much of a difference between homemade and store-bought, as so often is the case. Thank you. ;o)



innoabrd January 21, 2011
I always buy it. I can get a big (1.5kg or 3.3lbs) tub for about $15 and it keeps damn near forever. I find it's better clarified than I ever manage to get it when I make it, so keeps better. Flavour-wise, I find its got that buttery richness I want!
chef_ub January 20, 2011
I have never bought ghee; I have seen it and never considered buying it, most recently at Costco. I have always made my own clarified butter. The most likely reasons being: I know exactly what is in it and I can make my own for about one-third the price of store-bought, and it is easy to make. I use it to cook pancakes, waffles, omelets, mushrooms and everywhere else I want buttery fat without water and milk solids burning. Please let us know if you buy and try it and how it compares with house-made. :>)
Greenstuff January 20, 2011
I do buy it, but just as a convenience. I haven't happened on a brand I stick to, but I just tasted the one I have at the moment, and it tastes pretty good and buttery. But if you enjoy the process, have a brand of butter that you like, and have found a use for the leftover milk solids, then I'd say you should keep at it.
Queen O. January 20, 2011
I found it worked well, but I would say more of the solids are removed than when would clarify butter for, say hollandaise. So, to my taste there is less butter flavor remaining. I only used it once for hollandaise because I missed the butteriness, but used it repeatedly for Indian dishes.
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