What is a good cookbook or cooking app for a 12 year-old inexperienced but interested cook?



kimhw December 3, 2014
Write your own family recipes. Out them into a binder that can be added to. Create a family cookbook. It can be added to for generations.
Margeryk December 3, 2014
Thanks everyone. This was helpful.
Droplet December 3, 2014
The Fannie Farmer Junior Cookbook
HalfPint December 3, 2014
Anything by Jacques Pepin. He teaches cooking so his recipes are easy to follow and thorough.
jilhil December 3, 2014
Any of Mark Bittman's How To Cook Everything books. The recipes don't contain a lot of assumptions that can trip up inexperienced cooks.
Meaghan F. December 3, 2014
The "How to Cook Everything" app is great too - lots of recipes, instructions are clearly explained, and there are built-in timers you can activate for every timed task (helpful if you're cooking multiple dishes at once).
Stephanie G. December 3, 2014
River Cottage Family Cookbook.
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