Recipe or recommendation for smoking sausage at home?

I'd like to make some smoked sausages for food gifts this holiday season. I have nice smoker and have made non-smoked sausages at home before successfully - anyone have any recommendations for technique or recipes? Thanks!



bigpan December 4, 2014
Ooops, I did not notice, but there is a big list of recipes if you click on the box on the left side of the website...also some FAQs.
bigpan December 4, 2014
Lots of information at stuffers dot com - but no recipes, just book recommendations. At a recent demonstration the sausage maker stressed having the correct Ph, correct amount of salt, correct amount of water, correct tension when stuffing the casing, etc etc. After the demo I decided, to be safe, to buy from a sausage maker - not a retail store that uses overt amounts of chemicals.
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