I'm making some pork and beef sausage links. I kept it simple.. pork, beef salt, coarse pepper and insta-cure.

The only thing that I did different was... I mixed the meat and seasonings and refrigerated it for a day before putting it in the casings. The meat turned light brown but has no odor. My question is, why did it do that, is that normal and is it safe to smoke and eat? I'm smoking them now and want to make sure that they are safe. As I stated I did use Prague Powder #1 at the rate of one teaspoon per five pounds of meat.

  • Posted by: Phillip
  • July 20, 2019


trampledbygeese July 20, 2019
Cured meat generally changes colour (depending on the salts) and firmness to indicate when it's cured. The smell is a good indicator of badness, but I'm always overcautious with meat.

Once I've smoked the meat, I make certain to heat it to the 'safe' temperature (I think pork was 140F???), or to dry it as the recipe requires. Do you have a specific recipe you are following?
Phillip July 20, 2019
Yes.. I have used this recipe before and have had no problems but I usually season the meat and put it in natural casings at the same time. I also smoke it the next day. With a mixture of pork (actually pork belly) and beef.. I will smoke it to an interior temperature of 150 - 155 degrees.
Phillip July 20, 2019
Thank you for the comment, I appreciate your advice. I glad that I only made five pounds so if there is any question about safety... I'll chunk it in the can.
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