Need help brining ham

looking to make own Christmas ham, first time. Hoping to get about a 5lb piece. Cook Book suggests mixture of salt, sugar and saltpeter. First dry brining then liquid for about a week. Is this really ok for raw meat from butcher? Do I put in bag or pot? In refrigerator or in cool basement, ie what's max temperature for brining?

Am then looking to boil it and ultimately put in oven.

Any tips and advice from others who have done this much appreciated!

Marcus D
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1 Comment

caninechef December 9, 2014
Not to be a killjoy but I do not think I would plan on serving my maiden attempt at home curing for Christmas dinner, seems potentially very stressful. Maybe some research and experimentation over the next few months would have you all ready for the next year. In the mean time I would buy an exellent quality ham for this year and enjoy it.
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