What should I do with B&B liqueur?

My husband had fun with a duty-free shopping spree and grabbed a bottle of B&B, thinking it was something else. What's the best way to use it?

Lindsay-Jean Hard


GCRhoads December 22, 2022
B&B is Brandy and Benedictine. Benedictine DOM is a liqueur.

If what you have is B&B, then just drink it straight up in a brandy snifter. It's an excellent drink that is intended to be savored not gulped.

If what you have is Benedictine DOM, then you may as well use to make B&B which is much more popular. Find a fine brandy and make a mixture with two parts brandy and three parts Benedictine. How big a part is depends on how much you want to make at a time. For example 2 ounces of brandy and 3 ounces of Benedictine is enough for 2 drinks.
Douglas P. August 2, 2020
Is there a drink with B&B with Baileys?
NancyD February 12, 2019
Would it make a good Brandy Alexander?
Charlie S. January 23, 2019
Have some in your coffee.
Ian M. January 22, 2019
If you sip it outside on a breezy day, you'll have air B&B. ;-)
Lindsay-Jean H. January 23, 2019
User27 January 22, 2019
You can also mix with blended scotch whiskey for a modified "rusty nail", or substitute bourbon. Shake vigoriusly over ice, and add lemon twist
Tammy T. July 5, 2017
B&B with a lil weed
Bruce M. November 12, 2020
In my winter time........
Lindsay-Jean H. December 13, 2014
You all are so wonderful. I look forward to working my way through all of these ideas, thanks for the help -- and thanks for preventing me from regifting it!
ChezHenry December 12, 2014
It is an awesome liquor, it wont go bad, keep it! I really like the ideas here to substitute for use in a tiramisu, or to soak a layer of genoise in a cake.
I also make a B&B Affogato. Take a scoop of vanilla ice cream, pour one shot of hot espresso and one shot of B&B over the top. Expect moans.
Greenstuff December 12, 2014
Benedictine has a really interesting history--it's "modern" era began when Julia Child's co-author Simone "Simca" Beck's grandfather found an old manuscript with the recipe. It remained a family business until the late 1980s. During World War II, when sugar was scarce, Simca used her stashes of Benedictine as the sweetener in truffles and cakes. Her book, Food & Friends includes a recipe for a frozen souffle flavored with Benedictine that would be good with B&B.

B&B, started life as a cocktail--Benedictine and brandy--that was so popular they started pre-mixing it. It's less sweet than Benedictine, better for sipping, I think. But it'd be great in all the ideas you're getting.
Nancy December 12, 2014
Add it alone to coffee or tea for a winter toddy, or iced drink. There's already sugar in it, so adding sugar would be overkill. Or, over ice cream or pancakes or waffles.
ChefJune December 12, 2014
You could make a Baba of sorts, using gingerbread, and imbibing it with the B&B. It also makes a great impromptu sundae topping.
Susan W. December 12, 2014
Back in my twenties, I worked in a high end restaurant in Portland as a server. The customers would sip on B&B in a heated brandy snifter after dinner. I remember the pastry chef would sometimes use it to moisten a dark gingery chocolate cake. The chef made a roasted duck that had B&B added to a glaze that had peaches and honey involved. Then there's always the B&B, cognac and pimm's over ice with a twist that my mom would sip on when we lived at the beach.
amysarah December 12, 2014
My parents used to keep B&B, along with various after-dinner brandies and such - sort of old school. Some mulled wines include a little brandy or cognac - B&B has a sort of pie spice, honey-ish taste (I think?), so maybe you could use it there, along with cinnamon sticks, orange peel, etc. Or maybe a shot in hot tea or a variation on Irish coffee.
aargersi December 12, 2014
Other than sip it by a crackling fire? Could it be the liquor component in a trifle (like in the article this week)? I looked it up - beets! Oranges! Vanilla! Who knew? Cake and chicken ideas here:

(BTW at first I read this as BBQ liqueur and was confused and intrigued)
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