Easy to travel with, gluten-free/corn free/sugar free food?

I'm looking for some recipes that can be made ahead of time to take on a trip where we will be staying in hotels with limited or no kitchen access. Need to be gluten-free, corn free, sugar free and preferably dairy free. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, smoothies, etc. Any and all would be helpful! Thanks :-)



LornaFarris January 17, 2012
Thanks for the suggestions! These sound great...
Susie-Q August 19, 2012
What great ideas!! I too am sugar free, gluten free, and corn free. It is a challenge to be me!! Thank you everyone for these ideas!!
Sadassa_Ulna January 16, 2012
I would bring a small cutting board and knife for fresh veggies and fruit. Hummus and guacamole can be frozen and work as slowly thawing ice packs in a cooler; eat with thin crunchy rice crackers when fully thawed. Instant oatmeal packets - either plain or sugar free - to mix with boiling water. Peanut butter on bananas and apples. Peanut butter and jelly on rice cakes - my daughter makes that work as a snack. Regular yogurt can be frozen and the texture remains pretty stable but I don't know about soy or other non-dairy yogurt. Tuna comes in vac packs. You can probably find Thai rice noodle bowls you add boiling water to (Trader Joe's I think).
Sam1148 January 16, 2012
Kale chips would be a good road snack food. Jerky, if you eat meat. Soy milk in boxes. Assortments of nuts and dried fruits---apricots, or dry your own orange slices. Wassabi green peas if you like spicy stuff. Fresh fruits.
If you can...arrange your overnight stays nearby a whole foods..and make salads from their salad bar, or buy sushi to take back to your room.
The uncle ben's 90second rice is vac packed pre-cooked but most flavors are pretty bad---the yellow mexican style is actually pretty good. Those can be rewarmed in a microwave, or in the sink with water from the coffeemaker in room. Couple that with a visit to an Indian market---they have Indian dishes in shelf stable vac packs that simply need to be rewarmed. Visit a campstore to get travel safe plastic bottles----little squeeze bottle with a fold down top--to use for soy sauce, vinegar, oil, fish sauce..etc. Along with some travel worthy salt and pepper. (Note: don't trust plastic bottles without a fold down top for travel with liquids). I'm assuming your traveling by car? and not plane because that's a whole another thing there.
I also take a few bottles of Club Soda and a product called "True Lime" on trips. (natural crystallized lime powder in little sachets--google it and look for store locations)
feucht22 January 16, 2012
Take a look through Gluten Free Girl's archives. An immediate search pulled up this post, but I imagine you can find more:

Good luck!
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